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Our Story

It is commonly known and we would go out on a limb and support the notion that there are three most important events in our lives. The day we born, the day we get wed, and the day we bid adieu to this world. Now it’s impossible to control the first event and generally the last one too. But on the second one and arguably the most important one where we can try and find a modicum of control, albeit it being a matter of heart. But you get the drift. And so this is where we, Marital Affair walks in. To make the beginning of the most important decision of your life a truly and rightly memorable one. To know how we do it and propose to keep doing it just stay with us as we present before you our world and all that it has to offer you.

A sweet ending to a new beginning...

And so the adventure begins...

Better to have loved and lost, than to have never loved.

Robert Patterson

About Us

Marital Affair has been in this service of providing the best wedding plans and executing them for five years now. With Mr. S. Mukherjee at the helm of matters we aim to provide the best experience any couple and their kins and friends can during the most important occasion of their lives. All your need, priorities and aspirations are treated with personalized care and attention. Our team makes sure to provide you a thoroughly professional service while adding their own personal touch and feel auspicious occasion.

Our Forte

Our main forte is always our team, together with the relevant connections we have served through the years. While the team, with proper experience to back them up makes sure that there is no gap between the plan presented to you and its execution, our connections ensure that you get optimum service within your allocated budget and the personal touch we add on the top which makes those moments that much sweeter.

Why Choose Us?

We provide you with the best possible experience. And we do that with utmost care. We provide all this while also always keeping in mind that you get proper value for the money you spend. We give you no reason to think that even a modicum of your hard-earned money has been frivolously spent. We hold ourselves accountable for every penny spent and we are always able to provide you the best possible service.

Our Services

As mentioned previously we take care of each and every aspect in relevance to the event. From the beginning to the end everything is our responsibility and we take it very seriously that too in a very personal way, So from arranging the ceremonies, making sure every person attending is getting all their needs attended to the arrangements of proper transport vehicles ,to the attention paid in the décor , everything and anything is handled by us. We also provide pre wedding functions like Haldi, Mehendi, bachelorette parties, Sangeet, Vidai etc. to make the prelude to beginning of the journey a memory worthy of ages. If you need your Honeymoon sorted by us. From bookings Flights, reservations hotels or Homestays, Farm house, Penthouse, Villas, arranging transport for the trip to designing the trip plan itself , everything is handled by our experts.

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